Another exciting term in our Library saw pupils and students celebrate some big themes.

Pupils took part in various quizzes and games to celebrate Road Dahl Day, listing as many books as they could remember by the famous Author.


On National Poetry Day pupils were challenged with creating and designing their own poetry bookmark and encouraged to sample various pieces of poetry housed within our library.

Always a winner at QEGS, Harry Potter Book Day saw pupils and students join in with various activities, creating Harry Potter ties, bookmarks, and pencil holders.

Year 8 Pupil Charlie Atkinson held a ‘Book Doctor Surgery’ offering guidance and prescribing books to our little visitors from the Primary School.

And finally……our newly appointed Year 8 Pupil Librarians commenced the first stage of their training programme.

Mrs Dewhurst, Head of Secondary Library reflected on the first term back at Queen Elizabeth’s, “I am delighted to see our new Year 7 cohort eager to browse and borrow books from our library and some of our new Year 12 students popping in for some quiet time. What a great start to the new term”.