Whilst we are aware life is currently far from normal at present, we would like to take this opportunity to reflect on the travel service we provide our school community with to ensure it serves our pupils and students as required from September 2020.

Following on from our bus consultation held earlier this year, a proposed restructure of the bus service has been created.

The School bus service provides an essential service for many of our pupils and their families, therefore we wish to continue this valued service. For the proposal below to be introduced, we will need sufficient support from our school community and will ask for parents/carers interested in the survey to let us know. You can complete this form or email dgriffiths@qegsblackburn.com with your name, child’s name and which of the 3 charge categories you would fall into, by 30th April 2020.

This also applies to those parents/carers that already use the School bus service.

We are proposing that from September 2020 there will be three standard annual charges for all bus service users.

  1. £750 for those travelling 2-5 miles (each way)
  2. £850 for those traveling 5-10miles (each way)
  3. £950 for those travelling more than 10 miles (each way)

Which charge you would pay is dependent on the distance of the pick-up point, from School. The cost covers your child using the School bus service in the morning and afternoon, 5 days a week, during term-time. These charges are in line with Local Authority charges for school transport and the charge may be paid monthly or in one annual sum.

This also applies to those parents/carers whose children that already use the School bus service.

We will only be able to implement this proposal if we have sufficient take up for it, via the link or email address above.

We will give out a further notice in the coming months as to the outcome of this proposal.