Today, we will be launching our ‘30 days of Kindness’ challenge in school.

Across the month, we will be undertaking the ’30 Days of Kindness Challenge’, which will include a range of activities across the school including reflection, tasks and discussions on what it means to be kind and how kindness can feature in every area of school life. We have also installed a ‘Random Acts of Kindness’ post box in Main Reception where staff, pupils and students can anonymously let us know what acts of kindness they have shown, or have been shown, and these will be shared each week.

Parents and carers are also welcome to email in the random acts of kindness that they have seen or done, to We will keep all emails anonymous when sharing the acts over the month.

We are asking you, as parents and carers of our pupils and students, to support this campaign and discuss what kindness means at home, and how we embed kindness into our day to day life.

Thank you for your support and we look forward to sharing QEGS random acts of kindness.