I would like to thank you for your continued support whilst we are dealing with the Covid pandemic.  I am fully aware that the Government guidance changed yesterday to removing the need for
mandatory face masks in classrooms for Year 7 pupils and above, although it is still mandatory for this age group to wear masks in communal areas unless exempt. However, due to the number of cases that we have had in the past few weeks which has remained steady and not fallen, I do not feel it is appropriate at this current time to change from our current risk assessment.

This means that we are still asking all Year 7 pupils and above, unless exempt, to continue to wear face masks in classrooms and communal areas for one more week with the intention that when guidance changes again ready for implementation on the 27th January we will at that time remove the need to wear face masks in all areas.

This decision has not been taken lightly, but I feel that this is the most appropriate measure to promote the safety of the QEGS community at this time.

I ask for your understanding and support for the next week.

Best wishes

Mrs CY Gammon